Contextual intelligence and brand suitability.

Built from the ground up to deliver brand safe messages at the perfect moment.


More Than Words

Our advanced tech allows us to classify content from more environments than any other vendor, giving you better recommendations, and ensuring your targeting and brand safety work across text, video, audio, images and more.



The 4D Exploration Canvas provides the tools to discover, plan, research and extract the contextual intelligence today's marketers need.

Supercharge the insights by ingesting 1st Party data from your DMP/CDP or other data technology to uncover unique trends and actionable contexts.



Context Creation

Craft powerful contexts using sophisticated rules with our modern Context Builder. Combine boolean logic with intuitive keyword and entity suggestions to hyperfocus your targeting and brand safety. Start with expert-curated contexts, 1st Party data seeds or completely from scratch using our exploration canvas.



Harness the power of Dimensions with the world's first contextual marketplace.

We've created 4D as an open architecture where partners can plug in powerful & transformational dimensions to be layered on top of your Contexts.

Whether you've manually created the perfect context for your brand, or you've relied on the cutting-edge ContextAI for suggestions, power up your contextual targeting by layering in dimensions from our curated partners.



Turn your intelligence into actionable omnichannel contexts. Save time and effort by creating & deploying the perfect context once - delivering your message in a brand suitable environment across Display, Video, Native, Audio and Addressable TV.